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The Only Place the Devil Himself Spit Back Out

The Doom of a Million People: No Way To Leave

Stuck In Palm Bay
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Yeah okay, this community is for people who hate Palm Bay (or any part of Brevard Country) and wish to escape from its evil claws. Main idea of the community is to diss our town that sucks so bad, and to list events happening around our area so we don't die from complete boredom.

  • No fighting unless its something everyone can join into or its an intelligent arguement (Ex. a arguement about how much bush sucks)
  • Your momma is not a comeback.
  • Dissing other peoples taste in music unless it is rap because rap sucks is not allowed.
  • Long entries/picture/anything gigantic enormous huge and otherwise exceptionally large and not little will be put into a lj cut or it will be deleted forever and I will then kill you and rape your dog or mother depending on my preference or whether you have a dog or not. ANIMALS THAT DO NOT COUNT INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO; parakeet that bark, cats that enjoy dog food, fish one may walk on a leash, turtles named Killer, and giraffes that dwell in dog houses. //Crispy chooses to believe that Jenny wrote this rule, so if you have any questions email JenBlanky@aol.com with the following subject "Jenny, please rape my mother, dog, or Crispy"\\
  • Just have fun with this guys.
  • Please don't write meaningless boredom in your entries. This is not a friends community(well it is sort of) so please try to pertain your entries to Palm Bay/Malabar/Melbourne/BaysideLakes/Brevard (links to fun websites, other communities, information about "comming attractions", weather news suchs as hurricanes, warnings about anything, questions or comments about Palm Bay/Melbourne/Malabar/BaysideLakes/Brevard, ect).
  • LINK US! Haha, if you want, but [Jenny] will love you forever if you do.
  • Everyone gets an intro entry...but only one.

    I'm not gonna try to enforce the rules. I mean if it becomes a problem then I'll ban you, but hopefully we wont have a problem.

    Ohh and also I am thinking about doing a BAYSIDE vs. PALM BAY entry like once every now and then. I just want to see who can come up with more against the other or for themselves.