*//&!! (brokengypsy713) wrote in stuckinpalmbay,

Battle of the bands. at teen zone.
friday, august 26th @ 5pm.
saturday, august 27th @ 2pm.


MAURY. if beauty fails. THE GINA DAVIS ALL-STAR JAM!. the thrill of brazil. SOUL PURPOSE. angels fall to flames. PARTY ALL THE TIME. langley holland. AUDIO THEFT. the runs. THE PICK UP ARTIST. rmi. TERRENCE MADDOX. jamal rides again!. BRAVO ARMADA. the house calls. LYENEX. catalepsy. DEVICES AWAITING WINTER. moira. THE TRIAGE PARTY. clock hand strangle. JASON CHOI AND THE SEA NAIGATOR. a denver mile. CALL TO PRESERVE. lita gray. THE TREES ARE TRAITORS. go play in traffic. 3 INCH FIZZ. the breaking point. THE DEATH OF INNOCENCE. planes. BURY THE ASHES. audio bomb. CORRIGENDA. ultimate lumberjack jam. WORD OF FAITH. the sacred. COLDSIDE. batterys not included. EBENEZER. 500 lb machine gun. NINE VOLTZ. her name starts with a k. BEST AT FAILURE.

&& more.
more information: littlereggies.com.

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