jillian: junkyard dog (fritzthepunk) wrote in stuckinpalmbay,
jillian: junkyard dog


So everyone's always bitching about how there's nothing to do here in Palm Bay. But it's summer vacation. You guys have to be doing SOMETHING other than breathing, eating, and sitting around all day.

Share the brilliant activities you've come up with out of boredom or any amazing adventures you've had so far!

Personally, I;
+ discovered the deathlands
+ learned to row a boat with one paddle
+ became a road warrior
+ almost got killed by cows twice
+ flooded an entire field by accident
+ got my car hit by some jackass who just got his license
+ had tea with a british woman
+ met an awesome new girl x3_chelc who just moved here
+ had a house show
+ will have my screamo/terror/industrial/bluegrass band this saturday
+ can't remember much else that went on

Now you share!
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