Chica Bonita (crystal185) wrote in stuckinpalmbay,
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Ok, so my parents bought a house in PB. They, as well as my brothers moved up there around January.. I do, in about month (my classes are still going so I have to wait). Currently, I'm still in miami.

I have a question... WHAT do you guys do in PB? All I've seen in a bunch of dollar stores and throwback movie theatres.

It's so... quiet. I'll go outside and I'll be talking "normal", but I feel loud... cuz' everyone is PB seems to be "quiet"... and I'm just use to Miami, and it being loud.
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Ehh that's the problem there really is nothing to do. There is the mall and the movies and the beach. Everything else is just hanging out in someones house or crap like that. We have bowling, and we Andretti which is go-karts and golf and an arcade, but that pretty much it.
that really sucks to move. will you at least be able to see your friends and stuff?

and yeah, the guy up there (crispy182) i gave him ideas. okay, well, just one. mainly you get a bunch of people together and hope someone comes up with an idea. ::tries to compile a list::

barnes and noble (yeah, i know), andretti, beach, bowling, shows, movies, bcc pool, friend's houses, mall... yeah okay, PALM BAY IS PATHETIC. at least the movies change so that provides some sort of... relief. and with more than one theater you can mix and match. or something.
if you're really school-oriented, there's also sports games, chorus concerts, band concerts, sometimes a play...

and if you're lucky, you can get a job. that occupies some of the time.
Me, with a job? Hmm... I'm still working on me being lazy. I got hired at McDonalds once and quit BEFORE I even started LMAO.

One of my best friends lives in Orlando, and where she is staying is exactly an hour drive from me, not too bad I guess. The rest of my friends are in Miami... two hours away:( Oh well, they annoy me anyways. But I guess annoying friends are better than NO friends, huh?
True. They might be annoying, but at least you aren't alone.

My sister lives in Orlando.
palm bay gets a bad rep. IT'S NOT THAT BAD.

i moved down here from long island, new york three years ago. i love it here.

but yeah, those two losers up there pretty much gave you the scoop. it's not that bad, i promise. :D

do you know which shool you may be going to (bayside or palm bay high)?
scratch the last part, looks like you're not in high school anymore?
Yeah, I'm in college. I MIGHT be going to Brevard, possible Valencia.. not sure.
Pfft i am so much cooler than you. Me and Jenny together 423 t3h pwn493.
i'm that without you too. you just need me to be that. =)
Pfft, you wish. You are nothing without me.
and how is that?

without me, you're just aweso.
I'd rather be aweso than nothing.

So okee let's just put it at...we complete each other.
i think palm bay is only really really lame because of the fact that like half the kids moved from somewhere and want to go back.

then the rest that have been here tired everything out. something.
Probably. My brother told me its a lot of people from like NY, and other places where they had LOTS of things to do, then PB is TOTALLY different. I know a lot of PARENTS want to move to PB because the pace is so much slower, and your kids dont "grow up as fast", as my aunt puts it... and the people are "better".. she also said something that when her son grows up, finds someone to marry, she doesn't have to worry about the kind of girl she is ( but to me, a hoe is a hoe, you'll find them ANYWHERE... so what exactly is she trying to "protect" her son from? -smh-)... but my aunt is one of those "born again" Christians... you know, raised in church, fell out of it for a few years, now they wanna go back and claim they're a "Christian", and have their "Christian" opinion about everything. It's so annoying... because a lot of the shit she does and says is very UN Christian-like.
I'm the only true born and raised local responding here, so I'll tell you what there really is to do.

If you like exploring you can actually have a lot of fun here. I live in the exact geographical center of the city, and it's largely undeveloped. There are indian mounds, houses from the 1800's, huge ranches, and what we call The Compound. There's loads of nothing out there. We have illegal drag/street races, ghetto paintball fields, and you can just about whatever you want. A few people have died doing stupid stuff, but I haven't seen any sign of hauntings or anything yet.

There's the regional park, which is supposed to be haunted, and a couple stick marshes where they find bodies all the time. Also, there's an old airfield here that they never really use anymore. It's fun to get into but you have to be careful because they supposedly shoot on sight.

We have a scene that's gone to hell, but you can still go see shitty emo and hardcore bands every weekend. There are enough abandoned houses in the middle of nowhere that you can have a house destruction party and never get caught. You can also go on arson binges and never get caught.

There's University Boulevard, but you don't want to go there.

If you look around backwoods there's a neverending supply of swamp cabbage soup and gator tail. Yes we do go gator hunting here, airboats and all. The canal system is really quite fascinating, and it connects to Lake Hell n Blazes and the St John's River.

About 75% of the population here is lower class, redneck, white trash. Sorry, there's really nowhere to go shopping. You may find something in historic Melbourne, but it's doubtful.
WHY did you tell me about the haunted shit. WHY. WHY. WHY!

I'm REAL paranoid. WHY!!!! WHY! WHY!!!

Oooweee, I'm never going there now. Or in any of the bushes.